I have dedicated my entire career to providing services in software development industry. From hands on code writing to leading teams and mentoring junior developers, I have been working in the field for two decades in different cultures and environments. The majority of my background is in investment banking, working on algorithmic and electronic trading solutions for both large and small clients. I have done a number of varied and interesting project from hard code back end services to JavaScript based frontends and web sites.

I enjoy working with people from a variety of backgrounds. The most important thing for me, however, is the constant challenge, both from pure technological perspective, as well as from intellectual. Bouncing ideas against smart people, working on hard problems and delivering great results to the clients in the only way to improve oneself in this competitive world.

My resume can be found here.

Work environment

Most of my working life I have spent in a regular desk job. However, the years 2015-2016 I worked remotely, travelling around the world and working from most exotic places. This has been a most wonderful and life changing experience. And while at the time of writing I'm back in a more traditional working environment, I am definitely looking into going back to working full time from the road.

I tend to travel slowly, spending a lot of time in one place and studying it thoroughly, while giving me ample time and energy to do my daily work and to interact with whatever counterparties necessary.

Personal and hobbies

In addition to travel, I like reading, both fiction and "serious" literature - history, biographies, science books. Languages is another subject of interest for me - so far I have learned Spanish, Hebrew and English, started on Mandarin Chinese and would like to learn another language or two. In general, the field of linguistics is very appealing to me and I hope that one day I will be able to devote more of my time to it. My favourite way of relaxing is enjoying an evening out with friends when I want company, and wondering in a green park or a forest when I wish to clean my mind.