I am a seasoned software designer, developer and consultant. In business since 1998. Having worked for many years in public and private sectors in different countries, I have gained deep understanding of various approaches to software development processes. Exposure to multiple cultures, work with demanding clients in fast paced environments developed my communication and business skills. My approach is result-oriented, constructive and pragmatic.

My long term goal is to work remotely writing software for clients located anywhere in the world. Take a look at my CV to see my past experience in detail. In short, I have vast knowedge of backend development (C++/Java+Scala/Python/C#) in finance and general areas, loads of web development experience (Java/DJango/JavaScript), some GUI (C#/Java) and Android (Scala/Java), GIS development (ArcIMS). Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.


An interesting paper from you know whom, talking about new features, planned for the next version of C++ (yes, someone works on C++ too). It looks quite nice the way they describe it, but given previous attempts to improve it, I wouldn't be surprised, if the extension turned the arithmetic operators into a super-Turing language, with its ow



Время от времени я пишу короткие статьи на актуальные или волнующие меня темы, которые на мой взгляд были бы интересны и широкой публике. Здесь вы сможете найти плоды моих трудов. Статьи сгруппированы достаточно интуититвно по темам, что не очень сложно, принимая во внимание их малое количество.


UK: house prices going down?

Financial Times writes, that there was a small drop in house prices in June. Then they speculate, whether it is the beginning of the end of the UK property boom of the last 10 years.

I personally doubt, that there will be a massive drop in prices (10-20% and more), unless there is some kind of major financial disaster either locally or globally. Otherwise we will probably experience a very slow and annoying market - no one will be ready to sell because of the fear to cause oversupply and to lose the profits they have on paper. Buyers on the other hand will struggle to find anything suitable.


Want a tip from an insider?

Once I read about a rather unusual fraud scheme. In essence, some 1000 random people would receive letters, 500 of which claimed, that stock A would go up, and the other 500 that it would go down during the next NY Stock Exchange trading day - all based on their new ground braking prediction models or insider information. Well, it is not hard to realize, that at least half of the predictions were correct!